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UVC Sterilization Lamp


This product uses ultraviolet light to irradiate single cells, viruses and other single-cell microorganisms to break the structure of DNA, it makes the protein that constitutes the organism unsynthesized, causing them to die immediately or lose its ability to reproduce. Under normal circumstances, ultraviolet irradiation for more than 15 seconds, can kill bacteria, mold, virus and single-celled algae and so on.

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Tube Lifespan ≥8000H
Power Supply 4*AAA batteries or USB interface
Power 3W
Battery Life 1-3H(According to the actual situation)
Working Temp 0-60
Relative temperature 10-75%
Dimension 125X35X25MM
Weight 65g (Not include weight of battery)



Additional information

Weight 2.29281 oz
Dimensions 4.92126 × 1.37795 × 0.984252 in


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